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Yapton CE Primary School

Links with the Community


Yapton CE Primary school is a village school at the heart of its community. As we are an Anglican school, we have very strong links with our local church St Mary’s. Our pupils play a very active part out and about in their community, especially in contributing to village events. Our choir is always available to sing and our maypole dancers always bring something extra special to church and village fetes.

We also have very strong links with our main feeders Yapton Pre-School and Happy Days as well as a close partnership with our main receiving secondary Westergate Community School. Through our partnership with Westergate, our pupils are able to experience many sporting, musical and drama events.

Local Links

The Villages Locality Group (VLG)

Yapton CE Primary School works in very close partnership with the six villages schools and the two receiving secondary schools. These are: Aldingbourne, Barnham, Eastergate, Slindon, Walberton, Westergate and St Philip Howard.

The Headteachers meet every half term and the Chairs of Governors also have regular meetings.

It is planned that the children in the Locality schools councils will develop a working relationship.

Staff in the Locality schools regularly share joint training days.

International Links

The school offers lessons in French and has developed a partnership link with a school in France as part of bilingual schools projects. We are also establishing links with a school in Denmark, whose children are exchanging letters about school life, exploring the similarities and differences in their education.  

Our school also sponsors the education of a child in Nepal.


We provide opportunities for teachers from other countries to gain experience in an English educational setting, which enriches the children’s global outlook. We regularly host teachers from the USA and Japan, the Netherlands and other European countries. The school has achieved full International Schools Status.