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Yapton CE Primary School

Dear Diary,

         Today I started a new school. I was quiet and scared because all the other unicorns were doing amazing magic and I could only lift up a pen and pencil. I found magic hard because the other Unicorns knew loads of magic unlike me so I found it tough. Surprisingly I got an A+ which was very odd for a freshman. Our next class was flying and gliding and I was quite an expert on that so I got an A* again. I made 3 new friends and their names were Rairity, Pinkypie and Rainbow Dash. My teacher is called Miss.F.Shy and my TA is Mr. Discord.   

                                                           Come back next week and see

                                                                  what trouble Mr Discord



Part 2


Dear Diary

      Today is my second day of Cantolt High but it was weird because Mr Discord made the whole class sit in at break. We just had stand there in complete silence - it was so annoying! He's always doing something horrible and I don’t know why so I can't help any one about it !

    After our boring break we had maths and that was even more boring because he made us write our 2 times tables 100 times fom 1x2 to 12x2. It was so time consuming.

At lunch I sat next to Rairty, as Pinkie pie and Rainbow dash were in the other class. I didn't see any of the girls until the end of the school day.

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