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Yapton CE Primary School

    This story starts with an ordinary girl called Gabriella. You see Gabriella was taking a short stroll through the forest that she thought was normal but little did she know that the ordinary forest outside her house was MAGIC!

    It was a warm summer’s day in Giggle Grove and Gabriella was wearing a flowery pink dress and her silky blonde hair swung about her shoulders in a rather flattering motion. It was a Saturday so she was not at school. Oh how she hated weekends. Even though she was away from school for two days, she got ever so bored.

    Back in her old house in Laughtown she would have gone outside and played with her friend Amelie but since she had moved house a few weeks ago she hadn’t made any new friends yet. As the boredom took over her body, she pondered upon the thought that was taking over her brain. She jumped out of her bed, ran down stairs, pulled on her coat, told her mum she was going out and ran out the front door.

    She let the cold air run through the wisps of her hair and as she approached the bushy opening of the forest, a light shimmer caught her attention……


Find out what happens next week.  

Suddenly she had forgotten everything her mum had forbiden her to do and she let the devil of persuasion take over her thoughts. She ran as fast as a sudden FLASH of lightning .The further she ran the more illuminous the light became .What was it? It certainly wasn't the glimmer of the roasting sunshine because the moon was drowing the dark midnight sky in a calming pool of light. That lit up the sky to show a dazzling whirl of glimmering stars.Nor was it the neon light of a torch because she could not hear the light footsteps of a nearby human . Before she could get any closer to discovering the alluring light that shone as bright as ever a sudden swarm of light whizzed around her delicate head.Whizzing around her question flooded head were a group of beaming fairies that were no bigger than the petal of a daisy ."Hello", squealed a squeaky voice.Gabriella opened her mouth to scream but not a single sound left her mouth . "Oh my gosh Lilly ,Liily come here its Gabriella", 

"Really is it her ?" replied Lilly .A bunch of other fairies began to question a rather confused Gabriella. "Follow us ", they all squealed . Hesitantly Gabriella followed the teeny fairies as they led the way to well Gabriella didn't know where she was going until the fairies came to a sudden halt and a blinding light forced her eyelids shut. She opened her eyes "The light ," she muttered but before she could say anything else her eyes became glued to the dazzling unknown valley of Giggle Grove . The rushing turquoise river flowed below her feet but that wasn't what had caught her attention . Were they really...


Unicorns!!!!!!!! She could feel the world spinning round and round. Suddenly everything in the distance stopped the trees stopped swaying , the sun stopped shining ,the unicorns stopped galloping and for a moment she felt her heart had stopped beating. Nearer and nearer the majestic creatures came towards a rather stunned Gabriella because even though Gabriella didn’t know this the unicorns knew who she was . Gabriella stood still like a statue when suddenly everything came flooding back , She had been here before but not with her mum. A picture filled her brain an image that she remembered something of which she had experienced . Were the unicorns an important part of her life because she had never ever remembered the first two years of her life but now it was clearer than ever. You see that memory was of a lady with silky gold hair , a rather pale complexion and a pair of beautiful feathered wings  . The first few years of her life were spent in an extravagant palace with this lady. When a confident voice interrupted her flash back “Gabriella is that you ? After all these years you have returned . Where did you go? Your mother has locked herself in her palace and not spoken to anyone but us for 6 years ,” explained the unicorn.

“My mother ? You must be mistaken for I am Gabriella but I live with my mother,” Gabriella told them .

“Who is this women ? You were kidnapped when you were 2 years old ,”The unicorn argued . Many unicorns began nodding their heads .”Take me to her .” Gabriella told them . When they arrived at the palace she recognized the woman in the fancy hallway . Was that really her mother?


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