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Yapton CE Primary School

What is scouting?

What are the scout groups?

The scout groups are called Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Sea Scouts, Adventure Scouts and Explorer Scouts.


Sam and I went  to a 2 day camp at the first Yapton and Ford Scout Group. We had so much fun at first we played a game called splat.

Next we sat around the camp fire circle and were going to drink hot-chocolate but annoyingly the Scouts drank it all and then we all watched a movie and it was called ‘Finding Dory’ an hour later it was then time for bed. 

The next day we had so much fun we used giant Jenga blocks and later we used planks and tied them together.  Soon afterwards we were given challenges like build a bridge to the end and roll a mat to the end of a bench and back  with the Jenga blocks. We built objects and destroyed them with the bowling balls. Later we built an unstoppable fort against the balls and we played bandits.

Even more recently

We packed our kit for the long 4.03 mile long hike and a camp. As we drove there  in 2 different  cars we saw each other at the scout hut. We were going to sleep in the scout hall. First we all had to sign in, next we had to take out our roll mats then we put our pillows on it and we put our sleeping bags on our roll mats. After we did all that we got our adventure kit for the huge hike and off we went. We had a break in a field after around 45 minutes.  Sam had a Mars bar and I had some soft apricots but we both had a drink . We carried on the walk after an hour we had to get out our torches. I had forgotten mine, it was in my bag! Find out what happened...

Read more about scouts next week.

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