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Yapton CE Primary School


In ballet you can wear two outfits depending whether you’re a boy or a girl. If you look down below you will see what to wear and how to start on ballet.

What to wear for ballet

For girls you have to wear a pink leotard, for pre-primary and primary you wear a pink tutu skirt, pink tights or socks and pink ballet or point shoes also you can wear up to 60 sets of clothes for girls. What boys wear is down below.

For boys you have to wear a white leotard, navy shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes no points.

                                                How to start ballet      

          You start ballet in different grades depending how old are. Ballet is tiring and hard but fun at the same time. When you are in Grade 4 or 5 you go on point but if you aren’t you can’t go on point. When you first start ballet you always have to do your good toes and naughty toes to warm up.

                                                How to go on point    

When you go on point you do lots of relives which is when you go on your tiptoes. You can do lots of things on point such as an arabesque, walking. Unfortunately boys do not have to go through  the painful subject  as girls have to put up with it and get very sore feet. Before you go on points you have to make sure your feet are nice and strong by exercising.

                                                                BALLET MOVES!

Read more about ballet next week.

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